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102 Years After the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: What Have We Learned?

Sophie Gerson. Credit: The Gerson Family

Sophie Gerson. Credit: The Gerson Family.

My Grandma Sophie taught me the importance of standing up against people who take advantage of others. Her activism—and that of her allies in the labor movement—inspired me to dedicate my life to advocating for people who are disenfranchised, marginalized, or rendered invisible. As a little girl, I remember hearing about how my grandmother, a textile union organizer, was arrested, framed and almost deported because she wouldn’t stop speaking out for worker justice. I remember being electrified by my grandmother’s stories about fighting corrupt bosses and profit-hungry factory owners.

But no story from that era was more shocking to me than the terrible Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911.

In that tragic, preventable disaster, 146 women—mostly Jewish and Italian immigrants—perished after being trapped inside. The manager had locked all the doors and exits. Read More »

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