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Why Burma Is Still Not Free

Burma is still not free.

Shocked? We didn’t think so. You probably knew this well before the release of Freedom House’s 2013 report that lined up Burma shoulder-to-shoulder with other “Not Free” countries such as North Korea, Iraq and Iran. The resurgence of fighting in Kachin state between government forces and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), highlights how ethnic tensions, often enveloped in issues of control over Burma’s rich natural resources, continue to create serious conflict in the fledgling democracy.

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The Refugee Crisis on the Burma-China Border

Map of recent rape incidents in Kachin state

Sixty years have passed since the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees was adopted, but refugees across the globe still face insecurity and uncertainty. As I write this, a new refugee crisis is forming on the Burma-China border.

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