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Dvar Tzedek: Parashat Breishit 5773

We are, by nature, creatures of habit. We find comfort in things that are familiar, carving out routines that give our lives order. But repetition also leads to the curious subduing of awareness that we call “autopilot”—the feeling we get when we arrive at work having absolutely no recollection of the roads or steps we took to get there. Autopilot can free our brains for daydreaming or creative thinking, but when its numbing effect starts to creep into important activities in our daily lives, it can dim our passion for things that once excited or inspired us.

This week, as we begin the familiar refrain of the opening chapters of the Torah in Parashat Breishit for the umpteenth time in Jewish history, it’s so easy to zone out in this way. After all, “In the beginning” is not really the beginning; we’ve heard it before. How often do we sit in synagogue hearing the chant with our ears but thinking other thoughts? Suddenly the Torah is being lifted and tied 30 minutes later and we have no recollection of all of the aliyot in between—let alone any deep thinking about the vital content within them. Read More »

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A Year of Global Justice

This word cloud is a visual representation of all the text in AJWS’s new 2010 online annual report (pretty neat!). I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out the report itself, but for readers-on-the-go, enjoy this quick snapshot of AJWS’s work for global justice in 2010.

As you can see (click the word cloud for more detail) AJWS’s impact spanned the globe. Haiti looms large and so do AJWS’s commitments to grassroots change, sustainable solutions to hunger and advocacy for peace in Sudan. “Jewish” is also central, of course.

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