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Strengthening the Global Women’s Movement at AWID 2012

Who needs a larger piece of a poisoned pie? If international development comes at the cost of a toxic environment—corporate theft of indigenous peoples’ land, escalating violence against women and sexual minorities—isn’t the price too high? How can we have justice if the end is profit and the means are human beings? Read More »

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The Struggle for Land Rights in Thailand

Greetings from Thailand, where fighting hunger, achieving food security and land ownership are all bound together in a network of landless poor in Surattanee, a province in Southern Thailand. AJWS’s grassroots partner, The Coordination Committee on Natural Resources Management of Surattanee, whose name does not convey the creativity and vision of the farming families of which it’s comprised, brings together the landless poor, indigenous farming and laboring communities along with local human rights lawyers, and environmentalists and community activists to reclaim indigenous land that has been unjustly seized by the government. The struggle for land in the face of death threats from corrupt Thai companies and governments that have denied people their right to land is being challenged nationally by the Landless People’s Movement. Read More »

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