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Movements and Shakers

Originally posted on Pursue: Action for a Just World.

In his recent piece on the Huffington Post, Max Klau of City Year (and former AJWS group leader) writes that “causes of justice and equality have always been advanced through the collective efforts of vast numbers of civic leaders working together for change.” He highlights one person in particular: Bayard Rustin, the man behind the hundreds of thousands of people who made it to the National Mall for Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Without the crowd—and the organizers that got them there—the speech would not have had nearly as great an impact as it did, nor would the struggle for civil rights have been nearly as successful. Read More »

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Jews, Food, and Vegas

Originally posted on the Pursue blog.

Las Vegas: the city of casinos, staged spectacles, over-the-top hotels and FOOD. One could spend days in a single casino and not exhaust all the eating venues within. For many visitors, going to one of the famed buffets is a can’t-miss Vegas experience: prettily presented and puffed up beyond reasonable sizes, buffets are events that one must prepare for in order to successfully participate.

Given this abundance, I shouldn’t have been shocked to find that when I Googled “Las Vegas food justice” before my trip to TribeFest last week, the “Noshing on Food Justice” session presented by Pursue’s Jocelyn Berger and myself, along with Lisa Lepson from the Joshua Venture Group, was the second result on the page. Yet, while it’s true that Vegas is still associated with excess of all kinds, I was pleasantly surprised to discover during our session that food justice efforts in Vegas are beginning to mirror like-minded efforts in cities across the country. Read More »

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