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What’s “Organic” about Organic? Or, no, it isn’t just about not having to wash your vegetables.

Originally posted on the Pursue blog.

Until recently, I’d never really identified with the Organics movement, felt compelled towards the little green and white label or put much stock in my peers’ obsession with pesticide free-food. I chalked it up to feeling overwhelmed by the system and told myself that it was okay to focus on food access, supporting all people’s right to eat locally and healthfully, regardless of the agricultural methods used.  I chose a CSA that sets aside a certain number of subsidized shares for low-income families. But until last week when I found Bigfoot’s-cousin-in-the-form-of-a-worm in my salad, I’d never thought twice about whether or not my leafy greens were USDA certified organic.

Tuesday night, at a screening organized by the Brooklyn Bridge CSA, a volunteer-led project of Pursue, the film What’s “Organic” about Organic? laid bare the scientific, social, and economic importance of the organic farming movement. Farmers and pundits told the story of the 1990 Organic Foods Production Act, the pioneering document that led to USDA standards and certification for organic foods. As these farmers spoke, it was clear to me that issues of food sovereignty are bound up with the way our food is grown, right down to the chemicals used. Read More »

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