Final Thoughts about My Fast… and Moving Forward

The fast ends with me feeling good, having had a powerful personal experience. Had my first wine, solid food and diet coke in a week last night, ate moderately, and am still thinking about what I have learned about hunger, about focused thinking, about empathy toward others, about what creatures of habit we all are.

I end the fast eager to hear how my DC colleagues are doing, determined that we should do more to stop these budget cuts, and appreciative of all the expressions of concern and support I received from staff, family and friends.

Let us work together to address the worst evils in the world. Let us do our part here to prevent more children and adults from going hungry.

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One Response to Final Thoughts about My Fast… and Moving Forward

  1. Beth Balman says:

    Great introspective work! It is so great to see someone who is really dedicated to thier ideologies. You probably dont remember me- But I met you in Boston at Temple Beth Zion, where you gave a talk to us- our Rebbe is Moshe Waldoks. Really enjoiyed your talk and meeting you! Also I think you know my brother, Sid Balman Jr. – He is a journalist and he worked as the “former War Correspondent’ for the White House- when Ms. Allbright was there. Anyhow I am an BSRN- a Bachelor of Science in Nsg- and I have been to Bosnia twice on Humanitarian missions. I love that kind of work- that is truly where my heart lies- teaching and Empowering 3rd world countries that need help. Which brings me to me to my next inquiry- Do you know of any countries that need nurses- for employment-setting up clinics, or teaching,esp Women. Please let me know if you are aware of anysuch jobs. Thank you so much- come and visit Temple Emanu-El !Sincerely, and L’Shalom, Beth Balman []

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